Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing a subscription.
If you have other questions, please just send it to support@stickinabox.com.

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How Subscriptions Work

Jerky is shipped on the 15th of ever month and will be delivered within 3-5 business days.

It primarily depends on what product you have ordered. We try to get a variety of flavors in many forms.

Kinda. Currently we only ship to the US & Canada. We have shipped internationally in the past but have moved away because shipping costs are prohibitive.

Get ready to sink your teeth into tender slices of mouthwatering teriyaki, savor the bold and fiery kick of our habanero bites, or discover a new favorite with our unique flavor profiles. From classic favorites to exotic surprises, each bag of jerky is an invitation to indulge in pure savory goodness.

No. We search the country for unique brands that you may never have heard of. This is part of the experience. We strive to never put "gas station" brands in your box.

All normal subscriptions renew by default. Gift subscriptions are automatically set to expire after the final package ships.


When you sign up you are billed right away. The ship date of your first box will be on the 15th of the month. Your renewal is on the same day of the month as the date you signed up.

You may cancel your subscription to Stick in a Box at any time. *Please note, the system does NOT automatically refund any unshipped, pre-paid packages. Please email us. 1. Login to your account. 2. At the bottom click on the blue "Manage Subscriptions Here." 3. Click on the subscription you wish to cancel. 4. Click on the subscription again. 5. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Cancel Subscription." 6. Choose cancelation reason (optional) 7. Click "Next." 8. Click the black "Cancel" button. 9. *If you have unshippped packages you need refunded, please email us at support@stickinabox.com If you want to cancel a subscription or gift that was created from the Cratejoy Marketplace. Please go www.Cratejoy.com to sign in and cancel.

You can get a refund at any time for unshipped subscriptions. We do not offer refunds for received subscriptions.